Social Innovation Strategies Group, LLC

Inspired Innovation. Strategic Implementation. Immediate Impact.

 Social Innovation Strategies Group, LLC or SISGroup is a management consulting firm that has recognized a movement has been taking shape 

globally that's advocated shifting how society organizes and responds to innovation. The social innovation movement has argued that societies should 

invest in themselves-their assets, their foundational accomplishments and their neighbors-not just in hard science and R&D. The next great strides in 

social innovation will come not just from traditional approaches to our most persistent and vexing problems, but also in experimenting with new social 

solutions that move social innovation from the margins into the mainstream of everyday life. 

While it is true that it will take time for current paradigms around where and how we make investments to shift, SISGroup utilizes participatory 

approaches that catalyzes and supports community innovation, while systematically investing in social creativity. Few dispute the need to continue 

investment in traditional economic and technological innovations, but more are recognizing the need for much broader strategies for approaching 

recovery, development, reinvestment and renewal through social innovation.