Text, Talk, Act to Improve Mental Health

Text, Talk, Act: It's Back! April 24, 2014

The process takes one hour. The result can last a lifetime. 

Text, Talk, Act to Improve Mental Health is an hour-long event that uses text messaging to get people talking about mental health and encourage them to take action. Through this event, young people can have a conversation with their peers and give voice to an issue that can otherwise be difficult for them to speak about. 


Text, Talk, Act helps impact the way people think and talk about mental health. Participants in a previous event said: 





This event is geared toward young people, but people of all ages can participate and benefit from it. It's simple: 
  1. At any time on April 24th, gather 3-4 of your friends, family, classmates, students, and/or colleagues;
  2. Text "start" to 89800; and
  3. Receive polling and discussion questions via text messaging while having a face-to-face dialogue with your group. 

‚ÄčTo learn more, check out our FAQs and watch our video: 

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Do you think this event is important? We do too! That's why we created this easy-to-share infographic. Please share this with your friends and family (download your copy using the links below): 



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Text, Talk, Act Youth Organizers

We are pleased to announce that we've teamed up with Active Minds, the Born This Way Foundation, and all of YOU to identify some fantastic young people around the country to help organize Text Talk Act events in their communities.  Please meet our youth organizers by clicking here.  Also, check out their great organizing tips for how to get your own Text, Talk, Act started!

Put the "ACT" in Text, Talk, Act

Want to do more to end the silence on mental health? Check out our additional resources for how you can stay engaged!

If you'd like to find information on mental health resources, please visit our Resources Page

If you'd like ideas on things you can do to make a difference, please visit our Continue the Dialogue page


View the 2013 Event Results

Click the following links to see how the nation responded to the following discussion and polling questions:

How often do you currently think about mental health?  http://goo.gl/ot7d9l

Half of all adult mental health problems begin at age XX: http://goo.gl/UDNygf

How important to you is the issue of mental health? http://goo.gl/Aevu7q

Some schools/communities do amazing things to address mental health issues. What do you think works? http://goo.gl/wQZrjR

Action Commitments (other): http://goo.gl/7x78y7